Friday, 26 June 2009

more directionless doodlage

Above: First time using acrylic paint in about a year.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Been thinking about doing t-shirt designs for a while now, still playing around doing other doodles though but while I am finishing and uploading my crappy designs I am also browing these wicked sites :3





Thursday, 18 June 2009

Rough Doodlage

Girls is all I seem to be drawing these days. Stuck in a rut! And they're getting worse :/ haha.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Paper Cutting

Had a go at paper cutting. My Hand/neck/back hurts a LOT but it was worth it damn it. The coloured backgrounds are just to show up the cuttings, none of them are glued down yet.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday, 12 June 2009

more weird ladies

The top image was inspired by a girl out of a fruit squash advert on the tellybox, she had big teeth and long hair and was cute. The bottom image's mouth appeared like that because I had just read 30 Days of Night and I love the vampires. Thankyou Ben Templesmith.

my beloved monster and me

guess what I was listening to.

female form

Some simple studies of females. I say 'studies', I mean studying the inside of my head; they weren't from observation. Lazy. And I say 'females' in the least strict sense.

This next one kind of reminds me of
Brett Helquist's stuff, in the least egotistical way possible.

THIS next one... the head is such a ridiculous shape :

Excuse the bad scanning.

tattoo project - the beginning

I started collecting ideas and spending too much time on BMEzine reading up on experiences, techniques, and what crap or good tattoos look like.

Back in september '08 I decided to finally finally finalise my tattoo ideas and go for it, and fell in love with Ritual Art Tattoo's 's attitude to tattooing as an art form. So I showed tattoo artist David Corden my idea and he said 'alright then' or something equally enthusiastic.

Anyway, it is still not finished because a) it's quite big and b) I heal weirdly (ink comes out in plasma/discolours). It's been really enjoyable, and I have loved the experience and THE PAAAAIN.

But here is the process from beginning to present day for you lucky people to witness..

I started with basic design ideas, playing with layout/composition and trying to see how it would sit on my chest.

I sourced images of each component of the tattoo ready for David to get an idea of what the fuck I was talking about. Apparently this makes his job a lot easier. Next time I'll just bring in a scrap of paper :)

So then came the outline.

Then filling the centre. This is where it went a bit weird. This session was about 6 hours long, which is apparently too long for my skin, because it went from this:
To this. check that blobby non-detail. Needless to say me and David were pissed off, David beat me up, I tried to file a lawsuit, he threatened my family, I dropped the case and we agreed to just carry on with the tattoo. (Please note most of that isn't true. Mostly.)
David figured I could only go for a couple of hours at a time before plasma started pouring out in unprecedented quanitites and washed the ink away (see the green above).
So below is the result of a relatively short sitting working on the white hue on the wings.

I had another session yesterday, in which David went over the feotus in the middle, trying to get the detail back in. My skin sucks :( photo of that up soon. Probably.