Monday, 3 May 2010


How I love it. Now to practice..

Getting lost

Another self-initiated project on getting lost and being in unfamiliar territory. These are from location drawings done around Rainham, Hartlip, Swale, and then over to Maidstone. More to come!

Documenting Maidstone

Work from a previously mentioned uni project, self-initiated, about documenting the folk-lore/urban legends around Maidstone. A couple have been posted before but as poor quality photos of the drawings, se here be some nice scans :) The top image is all cut paper. And a little bit of paint and pencil.

Something fishy

Various images from university and one (the fish-man) from my own work; playing with collage and paint and whatnot. The top two images were actually prep work for an Alice in Wonderland cover design.

Little sketches from uni