Saturday, 19 September 2009

Glade Festival Memories

6am in a dance tent on sunday morning (having been dancing since approx 5pm the previous day), me and a close friend look around to see that literally everyone around us was a mess. Not puking in doorways, staggering home kind of mess. Gibbering, twitching, shuffling, dribbling mess. "It's like being in a fucking zombie film," he says.

roll on Glade 2010!

Take Me To The Hospital

I am in love with Prodigy.

Some more girls

The lace detail on the top image is real lace stuck to the page. Just so's you know. Really enjoy doing partialy 3D images, or at least adding texture to them.

more animals

Decided to edit the scans a bit less; it's always cool to see the image in context (ie the edges of the book/page). The Squiddy 'tangled mess' thing got cut off in scanning :( Planning on doing a bit more to the Rabbit image.